You may wonder why an online shop such as this is actually promoting another company, like RedBubble. There’s a few reasons, which we’ll go into below. But before we do, we want you to know that ALL the designs on this shop are originals created by the owners of ReptilesRock.Net because we love reptiles.

We wanted to turn our passion for reptiles into something that could benefit every other reptile lover out there. And there’s not many ways you can find gifts for reptile lovers all in one place nice and easily, so we came up with to do just that. We also operated which is a website dedicated to the care and husbandry for Beardies. Needless to say, beardies feature quite heavily in our designs.

OK, so that’s why we started – but why do we send you to when you want to buy something? Well, as it turns out, it’s because for us and you, it makes the most sense. Here’s why;

  • RedBubble has been established for over a decade, having been founded in 2006
  • RedBubble has enormous supply and delivery infrastructure in place already
  • They are trusted by literally thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of artists and designers
  • We’ve personally used RedBubble multiple times and never been let down
  • We want to spend time on our designs, not the logistics of collecting payments, organising printing, delivery etc
  • RedBubble will handle all your delivery, quality control and billing, securely and efficiently. They do it well, we leave it to them and then you get better service and we get more time to create designs for you!

Initially we started out using various print providers. And then 2020 came along and with it the Pandemic…. And almost every print provider we’d been using collapsed in a little (or very large) heap. Orders were delayed. When they were sent out they were wrong. Almost none of them provided any support to the customer – citing ‘These are unprecedented times’. How sick we have become of the phrase ‘Unprecedented times’…

RedBubble were the only provider who didn’t hide behind the pandemic for poor service. Their service continued well. They clearly had good business continuity plans in place and were well prepared to make whatever adjustments were necessary.

Your satisfaction comes first. And we believe RedBubble will give you that satisfaction far better than any of our bespoke providers. So we’ve switched to using RedBubble exclusively.

How Does It Work Then?

We appreciate it’s a little bit of a different business model. But we believe it’s the best model for our customers and business. So please, have a browse and know that when you want to buy, RedBubble will be there for you to order – and they’ll look after you to make sure you’re satisfied.

When you want to buy one of our designs on a product, you’ll be sent from our store-front directly to the relevant design on the specific product at RedBubble. You can then choose to buy that design on that product or you can look around our whole catalogue on RedBubble and add whatever items you desire to your basket. But better than that – you’re not only able to buy our designs there – you can also buy any of the designs on products by those hundreds of thousands of artists. We’d love if you bought ours – but you’re under no obligation to do so. So go ahead – have a look round, and buy whichever suits your desires – we won’t mind!

Our Storefront on RedBubble is operated by ‘snibbo71’ because we set it up years ago with a few minimal designs and then decided later on that it’d be great to put (and over to RedBubble for the reasons above. So that’s why you’ll see what looks like an odd Shop Name there. But snibbo71 is our shop on RedBubble.

Go Browse – Go Buy – Enjoy Your Gifts For Reptile Lovers!

We want you to be happy – we believe this (slightly different) way of setting our system up gives you the best possible experience. It’s now up to you to go browse, go buy and definitely enjoy your products for reptile lovers, designed by ReptilesRock.Net and supplied by RedBubble.